Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So I wasn't sure when I would get my runs in this week. Monday I had dinner with my aunt and uncle, Tuesday is supposed to be rainy and date night with the hubby, Wednesday it is supposed to snow and Thursday I have plans with friends. All of which meant I had zero time to go for either of my maintenance runs. But yesterday my work schedule sort of cleared up in the afternoon and I was able to escape work a half hour early. I got stuck behind a VERY slow driver so I didn't get home quite as early as I wanted to but it still gave me enough time to get ready and go. So I did a quick 2.54 mile run in 31:35.25 with an average pace of 12:25/mi.

I went out on my normal 3.1 mile course and skipped a loop. As we had to leave at 6pm for dinner and I needed time to rinse off and change before leaving. My pace was good in the beginning but my IT bands are still tight from my 8 mile run so I ended up slowing down a little at the end. But that was fine. I got a run in and we ended up being 15 minutes early for dinner. My next run won't be until Friday and then I will be doing a 3 mile Friday and a 4 mile on Saturday. But at least I will avoid the weather and still get all 3 runs in. Not too shabby.

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